The Big Takeover Debuts New Single "8-Track Tapes"

We are truly honored to have an all-time favorite music magazine/website The Big Takeover debut "8-Track Tapes," our second single from our forthcoming Friends and the Fakers LP — out Friday, November 9th!

Minneapolis-based Americana/rock duo LowRay, featuring singer/guitarist Daniel Fowlds (Pill Hill) and drummer James Irving (22-20s), will release their debut album, Friends and the Fakers, on November 9th. The LP will arrive on limited edition banana yellow opaque vinyl and will also be available on all major online streaming services.

Though the duo’s partnership is only a few years old, LowRay’s sound is self-assured and well-worn, and it exudes a timeless quality that refuses to adhere to any one style or trend. A record release show is scheduled for November 10th at the Hook and Ladder in Minneapolis.

The Big Takeover is pleased to premiere a cut off the album, the engaging and melodic throwback “8 Track Tapes” (Remember those?). The tuneful, laid-back power pop number is filled with bright harmonizing vocals, shining guitar lines, spacey to subdued keyboard notes, a supple bass line, and a shakin’ drum beat.

Frontman Dan Fowlds comments on the song, revealing, “As a kid growing up we had an 8-track player in our ’77 Chevy Caprice Classic. I thought they were fascinating but never really understood how flipping between the tracks worked. Unless you have used one, it may not make sense. Sometimes late at night you can have thoughts that come at you out of nowhere followed by another that keep you awake and you can’t shut them off. There is something similar to the way my brain works and how 8-track tapes players play. “

Fowlds concludes, “When tracking that tune James’ daughter Sue was in the studio with us. I was laying down guitar while tracking and she was dancing. A great memory from the sessions. Jeff Victor did the keys for this track. All of the synth sounds were of ’80s origin. We have a version of this somewhere with the keys way out front and it sounds more like a Gary Newman song. Jeff is amazing!”

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