POWERPOPAHOLIC Reviews Friends and the Fakers

Thanks to POWERPOPAHOLIC for the great review of Friends and the Fakers!


Minneapolis-based Americana rock duo LowRay, featuring singer/guitarist Daniel Fowlds and drummer James Irving produce a solid debut with more than its fair share of catchy rock and roll. The opening title track is a strong melody buoyed by chugging riffs and crisp harmonies. “Western Song” slows the pace a little, as Fowlds vocals resemble Jon Bon Jovi through its steady rhythm. The ballad “I’m Sorry” is a true emotional gem as he earnestly sings “doesn’t matter who’s right.” The catchy “8 Track Tapes” and “Waiting For You” both benefit from excellent guitar hooks.

While it can’t maintain the same level of catchiness all the way through, the musicianship is top notch. The ’70s styled strut of “Sooner Or Later” will have you yelling for more cowbell, and most of the songs here deserve repeat listens. Check out this talented band as they are officially highly recommended.